Investments and Acquisitions

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Our objectives are to grow our investment portfolio while diversifying our portfolio by tenant, asset class and geography within the healthcare sector. We plan to achieve these objectives primarily through making investments directly or indirectly in healthcare real estate. We may also achieve our objective of diversifying our portfolio by tenant and asset class through select asset sales and other arrangements with Genesis and other tenants. We have entered into memoranda of understanding with Genesis to market for sale 35 skilled nursing facilities and we have made certain other lease and corporate guarantee amendments for the remaining 43 facilities leased to Genesis. Upon completion of the sales, these asset sales and amendments will have the benefit of reducing our net operating income concentration in Genesis and skilled nursing facilities, as well as strengthening our remaining Genesis-operated portfolio through the lease term extensions and guarantee enhancements; provided, however, that there can be no assurances that we will successfully complete these sales on the terms or timing contemplated by the memoranda of understanding, or at all, in which event we may not achieve the anticipated benefits from such sales. As of June 30, 2017, we completed the sale of one of these facilities and subsequent to June 30, 2017, we completed the sale of one additional facility. Marketing of the remaining 33 facilities is ongoing and is expected to be completed in the second half of 2017.

We expect to continue to grow our portfolio primarily through the acquisition of assisted living, independent living and memory care facilities in the U.S. and Canada and through the acquisition of Skilled Nursing/Transitional Care facilities in the U.S. We have and will continue to opportunistically acquire other types of healthcare real estate, originate financing secured directly or indirectly by healthcare facilities and invest in the development of Senior Housing and Skilled Nursing/Transitional Care facilities. We also expect to expand our portfolio through the development of purpose-built healthcare facilities through pipeline agreements and other arrangements with select developers. We further expect to work with existing operators to identify strategic development opportunities. These opportunities may involve replacing or renovating facilities in our portfolio that may have become less competitive and new development opportunities that present attractive risk-adjusted returns. In addition to pursuing acquisitions with triple-net leases, we expect to continue to pursue other forms of investment, including investments in Managed Properties, mezzanine and secured debt investments, and joint ventures for Senior Housing and Skilled Nursing/Transitional Care facilities.

In general, we originate loans and make preferred equity investments when an attractive investment opportunity is presented and either (a) the property is in or near the development phase or (b) the development of the property is completed but the operations of the facility are not yet stabilized. A key component of our strategy related to loan originations and preferred equity investments is our having the option to purchase the underlying real estate that is owned by our borrowers (and that directly or indirectly secures our loan investment) or by the entity in which we have an investment. These options become exercisable upon the occurrence of various criteria, such as the passage of time or the achievement of certain operating goals, and the method to determine the purchase price upon exercise of the option is set in advance based on the same valuation methods we use to value our investments in healthcare real estate. This strategy allows us to diversify our revenue streams and build relationships with operators and developers, and provides us with the option to add new properties to our existing real estate portfolio if we determine that those properties enhance our investment portfolio and stockholder value at the time the options are exercisable.

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